About Us
“ Everything under one roof with unmatched Service and After Sales makes the customer experience a complete Delight ”.

Created in 2007, Tech Galaxy was established by Mr. Nipun Monga and Mr. Rajkumar Nagar, Founder and Technology Director, as a result of his belief that it was the interaction between people and technology that effected the successful implementation of new technologies.

Techgalaxy offers a Global Business Solution and unmatched Consultancy for Studio & Earth Station Design, As our management professionals have an experience for over 35 years in Broadcasting Segment.

Techgalaxy has been a hot seller for broadcasting, communication and security related equipments as well as providing OEM’s and ODM’s for various equipments with strategic partnerships with various broadcasting giants.

A wide of range of Security and surveillance equipments like Walkie Talkie, EPBAX, Access Control, Priometric Control, CCTV, Stand alone DVR etc. has been always a in demand product of Tech Galaxy by its customers.

Techgalaxy works with clients to identify solutions for improved operational efficiencies, and helps the transition to new technology-enabled business initiatives in order that these are carried out smoothly and cost-effectively.

Clients have come to rely on our integrity, impartiality, experience, expertise and commitment to delivering first class solutions to challenges of all sizes.

"Broadcasting, Communication and Surveillance" has been core Business area with newest and most reliable technologies from across the globe.

The roof of Techgalaxy is led by two prominent and highly qualified professionals who holds a strong experience in their field.

Techgalaxy has a blend of youth and experience with expertise in technology and Marketing”

Mr. Rajkumar Nagar

Graduate in MBA with a vast and diversified experience in the field of marketing achieved him the notion of launching a company like Tech Galaxy to provide everything under one umbrella.
He has laid Techgalaxy to works as a unit with a aim of getting the Best service to our customers and newest Technology from across the globe.

Mr. Nipun Monga

5 years of sales experience and Marketing Research has prompted some out of the box thinking and newer sales approach and getting newer technologies from across the globe with ease to the customers.

Sourcing some of the typical hard to find obsolete and Discontinued Power transistors for Broadcasting segment is our Forte.

Mr. Nipun vision is to make Techgalaxy a single window solution for all Broadcasting, Communication and Surveillance needs.

Under His guidance, Techgalaxy has achieved specialization of Sourcing of Discontinued Power Transistors, Consultancy for Studio Design and Earth station, Government lassoing for Frequency allotment Etc.


To derive maximum value for our existing or potential clients, we recommend every Consulting opportunity start with an open, co-operative and inclusive discussion in order to fully define the project before any assignment begins and if you would like to talk over your requirements please contact us.
Through its broad skill and experience base, Tech Galaxy is able to address virtually any technical, operational, managerial or process related issue.


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